Layoffs, Promotions, and Generations

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Amid so many layoffs, there is still momentum in people quitting their job to be unemployed intentionally. This is such a powerful statement that they would rather live with more meager means than show up at work one more day rings across nearly all industries.

We also see those leaving for more money or elevated work that their employer presumably can't or won't offer.

Some research

CNBC cited research saying 4.2 million workers quit their jobs in June. Many quit with no job offer, choosing unemployment over working for their current organization.

Forbes cited research finding that during the second year of the pandemic, the average worker who changed jobs saw a pay increase of 9.7%, while those who stayed at the same job lost 1.7%, accounting for inflation.

These data points add considerable complication as we try to understand how to reduce attrition and increase engagement.

Most people leaders have very little influence over making significant changes in pay outside of annual or merit increases. Even then, the bell curve tends to outweigh any opinion a leader has of appropriate wages.

The journey of proving leadership is about striving for what is exceptional. Comparing our work to that which is better, learning from those who have mastered skills before us, and expecting more from ourselves regardless of the acceptable minimum standard.

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Quick, actionable reads

3 Ways to Grow Your Team Without Weaponizing Promotions

If you haven't done this to someone, it has certainly been done to you. A promotion is hanging over your head if you work a little harder to fill in the blank.

Be honest. You have little control over who gets the job unless you are the hiring manager. If you represent otherwise, you are likely lying to them, yourself, or both.

When helping someone on a development path, stick to these three guideposts to create a better experience:

  • Stay focused on competencies

  • Stick to the facts

  • Thoughtfully delegate

Leading an Intergenerational Workforce in 2022

Intergenerational workforces are not a problem. They are an opportunity.

Intergenerational workforces are not new. Although recent research validates that the workforce is diverse and identifies the dominant age groups, the leadership principles we need to apply will sound familiar.

5 Actions to Support an Intergenerational Culture

  1. Be aware of biases and stereotypes that you and others hold and keep them out of decision-making.

  2. Recruit inclusively using tools, channels, and language that crosses generations.

  3. Hire inclusively by creating a diverse interview panel.

  4. Build a culture of openness, inclusiveness, and collaboration.

  5. Monitor team member experience actively to detect concerns.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

- John F. Kennedy

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Leadership has transcended the title and position and is now evidence-based. Those who trust us enough to call us their leader only do so when we respect and value them through what we do, not just what we say.

Through this writing, I propose a new standard of leadership worthy of a workforce that demands more: a proven leader. Go subscribe on our page and let’s get better together!